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Under DC law, ANCs may award grants to organizations for public purposes. ANC 1E reserves the right to fund or not fund any legal grant application at its sole discretion, without explanation.

(SOP – Appendix B, for full process. Please read before submitting an application)

Public Meeting Requirement:

The ANC may not award a grant except pursuant to a majority vote of the ANC at a public meeting following a public presentation of the grant request.

Permissible Grants

Any grant that serves the best interests of the public in ANC 1E, as determined by consideration of a complete and timely application, and a majority vote of ANC 1E held at a public meeting of the same. Exceptions include those grants that ANC1E is expressly forbidden by law from funding.

Prohibited Grants

  • Awards for non-public purposes or where services are provided for personal gain.
  • Awards conditioned on a grantee’s political position, or on support of a position taken by the Commission.
  • Awards to an agency or program funded by the District government.
  • Awards where funds will be used to purchase food or entertainment, or support festivals.
  • Awards to an individual.
  • Awards that will fund or duplicate existing government services.
  • Awards that provide funding to compensate individuals for services usually performed by adult volunteers or organization officers.
  • Awards that will be used to support religious or partisan advocacy activities.
  • Awards that may be used to pay salaries or support fundraising activities.


No organization may apply for or receive more than $3,000 in ANC 1E funds, in any 12-month period, except by special exception 3/4 majority vote of the Commission at a public meeting.

No grant expenditure shall exceed the total amount allotted for the same in the annual budget.